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Product Name Projector & Photo-receiver
Model AH-RT00 Series
Series Safety light curtain
Product Description

Projector & photo - receiver protection equipment-M00

Projector & photo - receiver protection equipment insanity, the possibility insanity was separating separately and it complemented the square zone which is a problem point of reflection elder brother method completely and to inside the protection height which holds from the possibility insane which piece the detection was possible, each optical axis optical axis regulation in order to discriminate percentage necessary without tube storehouse and a shade condition with indication of one ramp brief with the rim elder brother, low u the whole constructional drawing it was and it produced. In order for the application to be possible even in smallness one work space, it was produced it is a product of superior efficiency with small size.

Anhyup Projector & Photo-receiver AH-RT00 Series


•Amplifier crisis small-sized type
•Projector, photo-receiver, control-box-separate type
•When the light shades, power output contact opens (DARK BREAK)
•When the light passes, power output contact closes (DARK MAKE)
•nside protection height former territory perception
•same time establishment front and the back press
•Output junction monitoring function
•Simple wiring work

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