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    Oxygen Flow Meter
    Fishery Equipment

    Product Description

    Angelaqua Oxygen Flow Meter DY112-Series


    Body PC ABS
    Needle Valve Lipple Brass + Chromium Plating
    Tube & Cover Polycarbonate
    Manifold AL + Plating


    Code No. A B C D E
    DY112-***1 DY112-***2 DY112-***3 DY112-***4 DY112-***5
    Size (㎜) Ø9 X 1Way Ø9 X 2Way Ø9 X 3Way Ø9 X 4Way Ø9 X 5Way
    6Way ~ 12Way, Nipple size : Ø8 or Ø5



    ㆍOxygen diffuser control


    Product Features

    ㆍEasy to adjust chromium plated needle valve.

    ㆍEasy to read gradation and stainless steel floatprevents corrosion.

    ㆍExtruded manifolds have excellent pressure resistance and can be fixed easily.


    Instructions for Use

    ㆍFor intended use only.

    ㆍAvoid physical impact or shock.

    ㆍPressure must not exceed 5.0 kg/cm2

    ㆍKeep prescribed pressure

    ㆍTurn valve slowly during operation.

    Product List

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    Fishery Equipment

    Oxygen Flow Meter
    Nipple / Cock
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