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    Multipurpose Rubber Hose
    DY117-A, DY117-B, DY117-C, DY117-D
    Rubber Spreader

    Product Description

    Angelaqua Multipurpose Rubber Hose DY117-Series


    Angelaqua Multipurpose Rubber Hose DY117-Series 1

    Code No. India Outdia Length
    A DY117-A Ø16 Ø26 50m/roll
    B DY117-B Ø26 Ø40 1m/pcs
    C DY117-C Ø13 Ø26 50m/roll
    D DY117-D Ø6.5 Ø26 50m/roll


    50ℓ/min case, the method of pressure output
    Conditions The depth of water : 0.10㎏/㎠
    Air Line resistance : 0.02㎏/㎠
    resistance generation.



    ㆍFish farms, live fish tanks


    Product Features

    ㆍMay be installed in a variety of ways due to flexibility.

    ㆍProvides fine bubble dispersion and superior oxygen solubility.

    ㆍMaximized dissolved oxygen efficiency.

    Product List

    High Pressure Air Stone

    Plastic High & Low Pressure Air Diffuser
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    Ceramic Flat Type High Pressure Air Stone (Plastic Case Type)
    DY101CFP-A, DY101CFP-B, DY101CFP-C, DY101CFP-D
    Ceramic Cylinder Type High Pressure Air Stone
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    DY101CF-A, DY101CF-B, DY101CF-C, DY101CF-D, DY101CF-E

    Low Pressure Air Stone

    Aluminum Oxide Low Pressure Air Stone
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    Ball Type
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    CO2 Ultrafine Bubble Stone / Count
    DY-100, DY-200, DY-900

    Rubber Spreader

    Rubber Air Diffuser
    DY107-A, DY107-B, DY107-C, DY107-D, DY107-E
    Multipurpose Rubber Hose
    DY117-A, DY117-B, DY117-C, DY117-D
    Multipurpose Rubber Diffuser
    DY117A-500, DY117A-300, DY117A-200, DY117B-500, DY117B-400, DY117B-300, DY117B-200
    Handy Air Tubing
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    EPDM - Membrane Diffuser
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    Handy Air Diffuser Tubing

    Fishery Equipment

    Oxygen Flow Meter
    Nipple / Cock
    DY113-A, DY113-B, DY113-C, DY113-D, DY113-E, DY113-F, DY113-G, DY113-H, DY113-I
    Oxygen Regulator
    High Pressure Manifolds
    DY116S-9901, DY116S-9902, DY116S-9903, DY116S-9904, DY116S-9905, DY116S-9906, DY116S-5501, DY116S-5502, DY116S-5503, DY116S-5504, DY116S-5505, DY116S-5506
    Low Pressure Manifolds
    DY111-12, DY111-10, DY111-8, DY111-6, DY111-4