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A-PRO is as world-leader in the design, drawing, manufacture and marketing of Automatic Continuous Varnish Tricking Impregnator Line for mass production of industrial motor and home appliance motor etc.

A-PRO has full FA solution for automatic motor manufacturing including automatic epoxy impregnator line, automatic loading & unloading line, and automatic assembling line.

A-PRO has earned an industry-wide reputation for uncompromising quality and innovation and is certified for the international Standards Organization ISO 9001, and has continuously supplied automatic impregnator line to the domestic and overseas major customers like Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Valeo and Remy etc..

With in-house technical support and product development departments, A-PRO is dedicated to customer satisfaction and maintaining the Company`s competitive edge.

A-PRO who was established at Daegu, Korea in 1998 is a leader in Factory Automation machinery manufacturer and technical initiator for automatic assembly machines utilizing robots and programmable logic controllers, microprocessors, hydraulic components, home appliance manufacturing line, motor, automatic large transcriber line with 2.4m*30m and its special coating resin, etc.

Currently, A-PRO is undergoing changes in its business structure, management perspective and systems, and corporate culture to meet a global standard and customer needs.

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