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A&P INDUSTRY CO., LTD was founded in 1998 and has been developing, manufacturing, and selling a wide range of facilities and devices related to press machines in order to enhance productivity and safety in customers' workplaces.

Now, we are focusing on 3 products lines of press-automation facilities, press-monitoring devices, and vibration-proof devices, and accumulating our own technical skills and experiences as a professional in this industry.

With regard to press-automation facilities, we have full line of un-coiler, leveler, feeder, oscillator, stacker etc for coil processing lines such as cut to length, slitting, stamping etc.

A & P INDUSTRY has been promoting and selling load monitors from Helm Instrument in USA from 2004 on and the market is growing faster than expected.

Vibration-proof devices are one of our main products line. We have been the sole distributor of German KTI spring damper isolators from 1999 for the whole Asian market.

Furthermore we are producing our own vibration-proof products for relatively light presses.

Our hard work and willingness for the best quality products and services are the essentials to make us attract new customers and satisfy current clients. As a result of this dedication, we now have close relationship with over 1,000 customers including overseas clients.

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