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    Young Poong Precision Corporation (YPPC) is a member company of Young Poong Business Group which is one of the 30 largest industrial conclomerate in Korea. Young poong business group can trace its history back to 1949 when the chairman founded a small company and expanded ever since its business domain to nonferrous metal, mining, machinery, construction, trading, insurance, environmental protection and recently IT (Information Technology).

    Currently, Young Poong group is the sole manufacturer and supplier of the zinc, lead and few other non-ferrous metals in Korea. Additionally. with the acquisition of Big River Zinc Corporation of USA and completion of brand new zinc plant of Sun Metals Corporation in Australia, Young Poong group has become the largest zinc producer in the world.

    Meanwhile, YPPC was established by Korea Zinc in 1983 and started to develop chemical process pump in 1984. Through discussions with the Duriron company in USA, YPPC finally signed a technical license agreement with Duriron in 1986 and started to manufacture the ANSI chemical process pump early 1988 and undertook the supply of process pumps to the variety of industries. In Nov 2001, the 3rd 5 year-extension agreement was signed, and in Dec 1993, quality management system ISO 9002 was approved by Lloyd and has been renewed to ISO 9001 in 2002 for the manufacture of centrifugal pumps.

    In addition to pump business, YPPC added valves and its automation business in 1992. Initially, YPPC valve sales was limited to those imported. However, as per lots of needs from process industry for more decent and quality ball valves especially, YPPC started manufacturing his own ball valves designed by Best Available Current Technology, which are covering both JIS and ANSI standard. In February 1998, YPPC's ball valves were certified by API(certificate number 6d-0284) and ISO 9002 certified by Lloyd in June 2000, which has been renewed to ISO 9001 in 2002. Now, it has been renown domestically in process industry, and expanding its sales to overseas with quality products and services.

    In August 1995, YPPC bought a cast foundry in Incheon. Since engaged in pump business, quality castings were essentially required and it is true that YPPC was seriously suffering from lots of casting problems with domestic foundry.

    In the meantime, as YPPC valve business added ball valves to its product line, quality castings were more demanded than ever before. YPPC's new foundry successfully carried out in its solution with improvement of casting quality for pumps and valves under technical license with Flowserve(formerly Duriron), USA, who has been engaged in its field for more than 80 years. Now, WCB, CF8, CF8M, CD4M, CN7M and other high alloys are available by no-bake and resin shell molding from YPPC. YPPC and many customers in domestic and overseas are fully enjoying with high quality products in such alloys.

    During the relative short period of time, YPPC has jumped into the top process pump and valve supplier as well as a best supplier of other chemical-related products like a GRP and an environmental equipements and materials in Korea, staffed with well-balanced and closely coordinated group of engineers, planners, mechanics and management who have distinguished themselves in their respective fields. YPPC has now won an outstanding reputation among its clients both domestic and overseas.

    Nowadays, customer's satisfaction is one of the key elements to grow the business. For the customer's satisfaction, YPPC has been on ongoing improvement and positive change in accordance with lots of economy and industry's unexpected requirements. Especially, since 1995, YPPC started a quality campaign "excel". It means that YPPC is continuously trying to excel - more than meet - customers' needs.

    In 1995, such efforts for continuous quality improvement produced the fruit with award as one of the top 100 Korean companies for quality management from Korean Government Authority.

    Under the diversification scheme, YPPC will invest more into its R&D activities for rotating and fluid handling equipments and accordingly serve the process and environmental protection industries successfully.

    542, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea



    ASME Porcess Pump (APX)
    Self Priming Pump
    Vortex Pump
    Dynamic Seal Pump
    High Low Pump
    API 610 OH2 Pump
    API 610 BB1 Pump
    API 610 BB2 Pump
    API 610 Vertical Pump
    API 685 Magnetic Drive Pump
    ASME B73.3 Magnetic Drive Pump
    Double Suction Volute Pump
    Cross Over Multi Stage Pump
    Vertical Sump Pump
    Vertical Multi Stage Pump
    Multi-stage Pump
    Rubber Lined Slurry Pump
    Vertical Axial Pump
    Submersible Pump
    MUNSCH NP Type
    MUNSCH NP-B Type
    OPTO-Matic Constant Level Oiler
    OPTO-Matic Constant Level Oiler
    Fluid Protection Product
    Watchdog Oiler
    OPTO-Matic Closed System Oiler
    VARI-Feed Wick Oiler
    Streamliner Grease Dispenser
    Rotary Applicator
    S Series Bracket
    ST Series Valve
    V Series Valve & VM Manifold
    E & EE Multiple Feed Oiler
    D & DE Full Flow Dispenser
    CC & CCE Chain Oiler
    CA & CAE Chain Oiler
    CA & CAE Chain Oiler
    Atlas Gravity Feed Oiler
    PC Oil Cups / Sump Bottle
    PC Oil Cups / Sump Bottle
    Gravity Feed Oiler
    LCL Oiler / Breather Vent
    LCL Oiler / Breather Vent
    Fluid Protection Product
    MD-1200 Micro-Drop
    Coolant Delivery Systems
    Mistmatic Coolant Delivery System
    Type "B" Spray Coolant System
    SprayMaster II
    LI'L Mister System
    "SST" Spray Coolant System
    LI'L Mister System
    DL & DL Magnum
    Oil Safe Products
    Expansion Chambers


    볼 밸브 (General Purpose)
    B6 Series
    볼 밸브 (General Purpose)
    B7 Series
    볼 밸브 (Extended Bonnet)
    B6E Series
    볼 밸브 (SC/SW)
    B6S Series
    볼 밸브 (Fully Jacketed)
    B6J Series
    볼 밸브 (Metal Seated)
    B6M Series
    볼 밸브 (High Performance)
    B21/B21M Series
    볼 밸브 (Pocketless)
    B21P Series
    볼 밸브 (3 way)
    B21T Series
    Flowserve Valve - Durco Manual Valve
    Flowserve Valve - Atomac Lined Valve
    Flowserve Valve - Automax Valve Automation

    Split body - ASME B16.34
    Split body - API 608
    Metal seated
    Investment cast
    Fugitive emission
    Tank bottom
    V-port control
    Forged Screwed/Socket weld

    Trunnion mounted - API 608
    Trunnion mounted - API 6D
    E1, E2
    Trunnion mounted - metal seated


    Full Set of ON-OFF Valves
    Full Set of Control Valves
    Automation Accessories