• Xeonet



    Since established in 2001, for last nearly 10 years, Xeonet has been developing various and reliable products in the field of industrial automation and power plant control with the best system experts in the country. The goal of Xonet is to be a leading company in industrial IT Field with our commitment.

     ▶ Responding to customer's needs and providing the best service - follow up service actively.

     ▶ Providing the lastest system solution combining with experienes in set-up a system and advanced technology (IT Oriented)

     ▶ Challenging for development of the latest technology with a venture metality.

     ▶ Contributing the growth of the technical skills for national industrial IT with the accumulated industrial system technology

    By developing new technology and product and localization through joint development with URI (University Industry Research Institute) and research and development with 5 power plants companies, Xeonet will make utmost efforts to product high tech and the best reliable products in the fields of power control, industrial control, communications, facility monitoring, and automatic control for high speed railroad etc. so that we can conduct the customer oriented business.

    537, Dunchon-daero, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea



    SOE System
    HPU Monitoring System
    Boiler Tube Management System
    DCS I/O Module Test System
    조기경보 시스템
    실시간 발전기 공급능력 산정 시스템
    Coal Silo Monitoring System
    Distributed Control System
    Remote Monitoring and Control System
    Control Relay Test System
    GE Energy SmartSignal Shield
    ECMS (Electrical Equipment Control and Monitoring System)
    OSIsoft PI System
    주제어 경보시스템 (Annunciator)

    단품 및 보드

    DCS I/O Module (Compatible with ABB INFI-90)
    DCS I/O Module (Compatible With PRO CONTROL P-13)
    Smart Module
    Solenoid Valve Power Supply for AV6 System
    Industrial Control Module

    전원 공급 장치

    분산제어시스템 전원장치
    AV6시스템 Solenoid Valve 전원공급장치
    분산제어시스템 전원장치
    분산제어시스템 전원장치
    분산제어시스템 전원장치
    Emerson Ovation DCS I/O Module Tester
    ABB INFI-90 DCS I/O Module Test System
    SIEMENS Teleperm XPI I/O Board Test System
    GE Mark-V, Mark-VI TMR Board & Test System
    LSIS MP-3000. 5000 DCS I/O Module Test System


    Distributed I/O Modules and Remote Control System
    Converters & Interfaces
    Modular Displays
    Measurement Devices
    Remote Terminal Unit