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    World Energy has developed and sold various types of heat recovery products. The core product is the Absorption Chiller, which is driven by heat sources like hot water, gas & oil firing, steam, and exhaust gas.

    World Energy has a wide range of Absorption Chillers and Heat Pumps that can be adapted to the specific needs of customers worldwide. With its technology in development and manufacture of absorption machines meeting international standards,

    World Energy has provided products for domestic and global markets.

    World Energy has offered energy efficient products to help Korean Industrial area resolve energy challenges, by utilizing the exhaust heat. In cooperation with KDHC (Korean District Heating Corporation) and KARSE (Korean Association of Air Conditioning, Refrigerating and Sanitary Engineers).

    World Energy has contributed to Korean district cooling and heating industry for the technology development and the introduction of new certification programs.

    World Energy also has supplied products to major players of fuel cell and cogeneration system industry in America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. World Energy makes every effort to satisfy customers with improving customers’ business interest by offering energy-saving and environmentally friendly products.

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    고효율 저온수 2단 흡수냉동기
    2ABH Series
    저온수 2단 흡수냉동기
    2AB Series
    저온수 흡수냉동기
    LHH Series
    폐열 회수 흡수냉동기
    2AA Series
    고효율 직화식 흡수냉동기
    DWHH Series
    고효율 증기식 2중효용 흡수냉동기
    SWHH Series
    고효율 증기식 1중효용 흡수냉동기
    SHH Series
    고효율 배기가스 흡수냉동기
    CHPH Series
    Single Effect Hot Water Driven Absorption Machine
    HWAR-L Series
    Single Effect Double Lift Hot Water Driven Absorption Machine
    2AB Series
    Waste Heat Recovery Absorption Machine
    2AA Series
    Single Effect Steam Fired Absorption Chiller
    S/SH Series
    Double Effect Steam Fired Absorption Chiller
    SW/SWH Series
    Double Effect Exhaust Gas Driven Absorption Machine
    CHP/CHPH Series
    Double Effect Direct Fired Absorption Chiller & Heater
    DW/DWH Series

    Absorption Heat Pump