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    About Supplier

    WITH is a company where all of the stakeholders like customers, suppliers, and all employees build and share in goals and profits together. The Company has specialized in development, manufacture, and sale of line facilities and automation facilities for micro spot welders and battery packs and made continued changes and growth to meet our customers’ high expectation and ensure their maximum satisfaction.

    Under the motto of ‘Customer-oriented Management’ that focuses on customers’ requirements and puts their needs before anything else, the Company has strengthen its competitiveness in this industry through provision of optimum services for which we have had to identify customers’ demands ahead of their requests and utilization of proprietary technologies that we have accumulated over the years by means of continuous investment and research.

    We think all these performances have been the result of the care and valuable pieces of advice by those who have stood by through good and difficult times.

    We will do our utmost to make WITH the company which does not settle itself comfortably on the present but remain awake all the time and pursue change and innovation relentlessly so as to grow into a global company and which is willing to share in its profits with our customers.

    In the mean while, under a slogan of ‘Be a company known for its care and contribution’, we will not only continue the Company’s philosophies of Customer-oriented Management and Technology Management but also faithfully perform its corporate social responsibility through sharing and contributional activities.

    We’d sincerely ask all of you for your continued care for and encouragements to our determined steps towards challenges and changes.

    512, Jeongnamdong-ro, Jeongnam-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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