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    WECAN GLOBAL is a pioneer industrial agricultural machinery manufacturer in South Korea, which is committed and honest to farmers, who shed a lot of sweat and work diligently, to sustained and increased harvest with joy from planting to harvesting.

    WECAN GLOBAL owes endless technological development, creative minds and manufactures chemical free Rotavators. WECAN GLOBAL has a great vision to build self-esteem, which is hard to imagine in the nature of reality of global agricultural machineries. The fact of using our efforts for customer’s satisfaction and industry development of agricultural technology for making dreams to be reality. WECAN GLOBAL is recognized in the world's agricultural machinery industry as a leading technology and exports confidently to 40 countries with fast and reliable service around the world. We hope that all the countries have the same agricultural machinery technology to alleviate all the global crisis and challenges.

    16, Nangsannonggongdanji-gil, Nangsan-myeon, Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do, Korea


    로터베이터 (폴더형)

    Folding Power Harrow
    HFW3500, HFW4000, HFW4500, HFW5000, HFW5500, HFW6000
    Folding Rotavator
    PFW3500, PFW4000, PFW4500, PFW5000, PFW5500, PFW6000
    Folding Rotavator Suitable for Paddy Field
    RFW4000, RFW4500, RFW5000, RFW5500, RFW6000

    로터베이터 (대형)

    Two-way Rotary
    DUAL4000 , DUAL4500 , DUAL5000 , DUAL5500, DUAL6500
    Titan Rotary
    TGW2600, TGW2850, TGW3050

    로타베이터 (중대형)

    Mountainous Rotary
    MGWH2350, MGWH2500, MGWH2600, MGWH2850, MGWH3050
    Mountainous Rotary
    MGW2050, MGW2150, MGW2250, MGW2350, MGW2400, MGW2500, MGW2600, MGW2850, MGW3050
    Dream Rotary
    DGW1250, DGW1350, DGW1450, DGW1550, DGW1650, DGW1750, DGW1850, DGW1950, DGW2050, DGW2150, DGW2300, DGW2500, DGW2700, DGW3000

    로터베이터 (중형)

    Super Multi Gear Rotary
    SGW1650, SGW1750, SGW1850, SGW1950, SGW2000, SGW2150, SGW2300, SGW2500, SGW2800, SGW3000
    Deep Plowing Rotary
    DP1550, DP1650, DPW1850, DPW2150

    로터베이터 (소형)

    Super Rotary
    SG1250, SG1350, SG1450, SG1550, SG1650, SG1750, SG1850, SG2000
    Super Rotary
    SM800, SM1000, SM1250, SM1350, SM1450, SM1550
    Moblie Rotary
    MV1550, MV1650, MV1750, MV1850


    Power Harrow Series
    HR2000, HR2500, HR3000, HR3700


    Disc Plough (Plow)
    WDP60, WDP80, WDP100, WDP120
    Deep Plough (Plow)
    WHDP500, WHDP700


    WHK3800, WHK4300, WHK4600 , WHK4800

    고구마 수확기

    Sweet Potato Harvester


    Rotary Dicher
    WRD100, WRD200