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    With only a spirit of challenge, we have started to develop eco-friendly turbo blower since the year 2000 that cannot be matched in the world. We developed high-speed motor that rotates at a super high speed by removing a multiplying gear and connecting impeller to motor directly. Sequentially, we developed a bearing that can endure superhigh speed driving, inverter and controller that can control high-speed motor, and other related machines without any fundamental technology background in which all comprises of turbo blower's core technology. Based on our experiences and technological edge, we succeeded mass-production of the cutting-edge turbo blower in the year 2003. Nevertheless, we have continued product development under harsh environment, and established 'Turbowin' in the year 2015 with a hope of second challenge, launching our dream of perfection products - WL series and WH series. Even now, with challenge spirit, we put our best endeavors to produce environment-friendly turbo compressor and micro turbo compressor that are most suitable for the fourth industry revolution.


    Nike, the sportwear giant, was founded by a person, who sells shoes in the stadium with a passion for sports. Likewise, Turbowin was founded by people with mere passion in developing turbo machines for decades. Thus, we devoted our soul of passion in every single area, including R&D, each machine parts, and customer care service. We will continue to put our passion on product development for clean and refreshing environment with enthusiasm. Such spirit represents the mind of Turbowin employees.


    Started with the belief that 'everyone deserves happy life', Turbowin prioritizes the happiness of customers, employees, and shareholders. We believe in the following: 'The company is made by people, led by people, and developed by people'

    216, Osongsaengmyeong 9-ro, Osong-eup, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do

    Product List

    WL 시리즈

    터보블로워 (WL 싱글 임펠러 시리즈)
    WL10, WL20, WL30, WL30-08, WL40, WL50, WL75, WL100, WL125, WL150, WL200, WL250