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    Our Progress Continues.

    TELCON RF PHARMACEUTICAL is moving towards a world-class company.

    We will take the initiative in introducing the value of Korean RF coaxial connector to the world.

    Since beginning the RF connector business, TELCON RF PHARMACEUTICAL has been focusing on technology innovation with strong ambition and challenging spirit, playing a pivotal role in the development of the industry.

    Today, the boundaries between industries are crumbling down due to the advancement of information technology and we see an unprecedented pace of technological progress.

    We are striving to secure cutting-edge technologies, high-caliber talents, and global business networks to keep pace with these changes. These efforts will ensure our commitment to providing the best products and services that can satisfy customers.

    Under the corporate value of “The World’s Best Quality,’ we will make concerted efforts to become a leader in the connector industry and grow together with customers.

    Especially, we are currently developing and producing specialized products, such as RF coaxial connector, cable assembly,

    coaxial coupler, coaxial distributor, and coaxial arrester. On top of that, our horizon is expanded to the development,

    manufacturing, and supply of the world best RF coaxial connector. In addition, we always put customer satisfaction at the

    top priority and are committed to improving quality and process to meet customer needs.

    TELCON RF PHARMACEUTICAL respects personality of each employee and pursues building great workplace where all of them feel motivated about

    work and a sense of familiarity. I believe our differentiated corporate culture will ensure creativity and originality and become

    the foundation for our leapfrogging into a world-class company.

    Moreover, corporate social responsibility is increasingly important these days. To meet such needs of the times, we

    will conduct Green Management through developing eco-friendly technologies and pursue win-win growth with local


    I believe the future does not come itself, it is created. All employees at TELCON RF PHARMACEUTICAL will fully cooperate with each other to build

    the best management system and corporate culture.

    Please take a fresh look at our unlimited potential and promising future.

    We will contribute to making a world where everyone lives together.

    54, Gongse-ro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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