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  • Taerang Engineering

    About Supplier

    Since Taerang Engineering was found in February 1988, with motto “Dedication to humanity with best technology”, “Leading future value through participation and creativity with fellowship and passionate mind”, and “Customer-based operation with trust and faithfulness” it has been dedicated to engineering field for 10 years in order to achieve efficient and reasonable construction and operation of new plant facilities in the domestic and foreign regions.

    Based on these experiences, we strive to continue development of technology and innovation of management through expanding our business into water purifier and environmental industry in 1990s, and also focus on intensive research and attention on field of specialized industrial infrastructure. Through many achievements, our EPC capability has been evaluated in field of water processing. Thus we are able to be dedicated to development of industry.

    Now, Taerang Engineering makes every effort to contribute to development of entire domestic and foreign industries based on our superior and various experience.

    We wish your continuous support and encouragement.

    242, Digital-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea

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