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    SVS-Vistek – Cameras for Machine Vision

    30 years of experience – within industrial machine vision this is almost an eternity! SVS-Vistek has its beginnings in 1987, established for the sale of opto-electronic components, and in 1999 we began designing, developing and manufacturing our own CCD and CMOS cameras at the company headquarters in Seefeld, Germany. Today SVS-Vistek is one of the most innovative manufacturers of industrial cameras with an international presence.

    For the domestic market we are also a reliable supplier of machine vision components, and a provider of specialized know-how for sophisticated machine vision and image processing solutions.

    Know-how Transfer

    Development and production of industrial CCD and CMOS cameras, distribution of components, and conceptualization of systems: At the crossroads of these core competencies SVS-Vistek is harvesting synergies that are applied to the customers' solutions. Our legacy also brings the promise of efficient service as well as professional customer consultation and support.

    Worldwide Presence

    Cameras from SVS-Vistek provide you with more than just state-of-the-art technology: Efficient, streamlined and customer oriented processes in production, administration and service ensure punctual delivery, highest quality standards and ease of integration of our cameras. In order to guarantee this, we work closely with renowned and reliable suppliers and are in constant dialogue with our business partners.

    Mühlbachstraße 20, 82229 Seefeld, 독일

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