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  • Sun Power

    Sun Power

    About Supplier


    Since its development of concrete drill bits for the first time in Korea in 1981, Sun Power has supplied the bits to various industrial fields. Now, Sun Power is a leading company in the industry. In addition to its top position in the domestic market, Sun Power has continuously developed relative products to be a company specializing in crushing and cutting tools. It handles thousands of tools including ultra-strength alloy drills, concrete drills for construction, chisels, multi-functional en mills, U-drills, chuck jaws, and diamond bits with various standards. Sun Power has sold its products while competing with European manufacturers under the same conditions. That means our product quality is similar to or better than that of European products.

    Since its Chinese branch was established in 2003, Sun Power has have strict manufacturing process and automation facilities, guaranteeing high product quality, especially high abrasion resistance and cutting performance. Thus many customers in and abroad prefer Sun Power’ products. In addition, Sun Power has made various efforts to develop new technologies and products through unsparing investment, and offered the products customized for its customers as well as those with the exisiting specifications.

    With its corporate philosophy, ‘Technology power leads the development of a company, and quality improvement is the only way to survive in the fierce competitive environment,’ Sun Power has given top priority to high quality, confidence, and customer. Sun Power does not satisfy the current its position in the industry. With continuous technology development, Sun Power does its best to become a world-class company.

    34-7, Orimul-gil, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    Crushing Tools

    Hexagonal Drill Bits
    SDS Max Drill Bits
    SDS Plus Drill Bits
    Core Drill Bits & Adapter
    Straight Drill Bits
    Taper Drill Bits & Adapter
    Hammer Bull Point & Flat Chisel
    Air Bull Point & Flat Chisel, Air Set, Insert Bit, Adapter

    Cutting Tools

    Counter Sink
    Chuck Jaw
    SKS Dies
    Power Speed Drill
    Rotary Bar