STACO, established in 1992, is the leading global specialist in wall panel, ceiling panel, cabin door, unit toilet and unit cabin for general commercial ships, as well as high-value added ships such as cruiser vessels. STACO products are supplied as turn-key systems in design, production, installation and maintenance, demonstrating first class by excellence.

    STACO has it's own R&D center and has been developing technology independently, achieving 16 sorts of patents, 2 sorts of utility models and about 350 approval certificates of classification societies including UCSG. STACO products have been awarded the World-class Product by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy to foster major export product under the ever increasing global competition. Furthermore, STACO has become the company which secures modern design, a unique finish method with high technical know-how and the best market share in the world.

    STACO has been managed with the idea that the global client's needs are the first thing to be considered based on STACO's own technology in the field of shipbuilding industry and doing the best with the constant attitude that only quality can achieve client satisfaction. We shall grow to be the world's best marine equipment specialist, pursuing renovation and performing the creative management ideas of our clients, based on honesty and integrity.

    28, Noksansandan 261-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea



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