• Songam Syscom

    Songam Syscom


    Since its establishment in Feb.1991 as a power electronics and communications company, Songam Syscom has been concentrating in ultra high speed information communications and multimedia infrastructure in order to meet the demands in this rapidly changing period of high technology and information based on our broad experiences and accumulated ‘know-how’ to provide the best possible services.

    Now, our company has developed to receive great recognition from the industry as a leading information communications company in spite of the short history.

    With the arrival of globalization and information era, our company is committed to rise as a company that specializes in the information communications field that requires the highest level of technology to be prepared for the changes in informational demands and we will contribute to our society as well as our country by continually researching and developing new technologies based on the capabilities and experiences of our management staff.

    In addition, we promise that our company will strengthen the corporate competitiveness of our values customers to the best of our abilities and emerge as the top-notch information communications company.

    32, Donghwagongdan-ro, Munmak-eup, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, Korea



    Protective Information Transmitter and Receiver (PITR)
    Power Transducer
    Distribution Line Failure Detector (DLFD)
    Transformer Overload Annunciator (TOA)


    방류 예경보 시스템
    계통 운영 통신시스템
    Digital Voice Recording System (VOREC)
    Automatic Black-out Alarm System (ABAS)
    PLC Base Low-Voltage Line Monitoring Equipment

    지능형 전력망 / 광통신

    전력통신용 통합단말장치
    다기능 광 전송장치
    배전자동화용 광모뎀장치
    TRS 광 중계기
    RFID기반 전력량계 관리시스템
    지능형 교통 시스템