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  • SICO

    About Supplier

    We promise that we will provide high qualified products with reasonable price and work as trustworthy partner.

    We are always grateful for your support and sincerity to us.

    Our company (SICO) was founded in 1983. Since then, we have tried to provide our customers with high qualified products by continuous research and development. Also, we are in contract to supply our products with chemical plants, engineering companies, petrochemical and chemical fiber companies, heavy industries, steel mills, as well as food companies. In addition, we actively export to North America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and China.

    Such successful results are drawn by your continuous support and interests, therefore we thank you again. Our company (SICO) will become more reliable and faithful partner by providing high qualified products with affordable price and developing research.

    50, Hakjang-ro 135beon-gil, Sasang-gu, Busan, Korea

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