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  • Shinwoo Costec

    About Supplier

    Shinwoo Costec was founded in 1990, for the purpose of developing & engineering of FA/Robot/Painting Automation and developing automatic control system and supervisory control system which are core elements of modern industrial production technology.

    Since 1990, for more than 19 years, Shinwoo Costec have been concentrating its best efforts on improving Factory Automation, Painting Technology and Automatic Control System Technology. As a result of the efforts, Shinwoo Costec has a reputation for No.1 company in designing painting system and fields application ability in Korea. Furthermore, in the automation facility control panel, supervisory control CCR System and painting robot for the new /extension production line of domestic/ foreign automobile companies. Shinwoo Costec has a lot of sales results and holds unique technologies which are not second to the top-class companies in the world.

    In addition, Shinwoo Costec will invest its efforts in order to get source technology of FA/Robot/Measuring/Automatic Control/Painting Automation and do its best to be a leading company in the world in next generation painting technology using complex applied technology related automation such as Electricity / Machine/ Hydro-Pneumatic/ Robot/ Computer/ Measurement-Control/ Communication Technology.

    40, Mayu-ro 32beon-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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