Ensuring Efficiency and Safety in the Construction & Industrial Sites, SHINHAN Electronics, will become a Worldwide Pride of the advanced Technology Development and Credibility !!

    We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the esteemed customers who have always encouraged SHINHAN Electronics and supported us without any hesitation. SHINHAN Electronics as a specialized company in the Crane related Safety Equipment has made its continuous accomplishments for more than 30 years until now.

    SHINHAN Electronics has achieved its 100% self-developed technology in the righteous spirit of split bamboo in spite of many difficulties and realized all the products by our own technical power. Overcoming the severe competition with the products of many overseas enterprises, SHINHAN Electronics has been maintaining its worldwide pride with the accumulation of its genuine technology and know-how.

    SHINHAN Electronics has established its own technology development and know-how incessantly in the daily rapid changing social environment and attained the certificates of ISO9001, The Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA) with safety certification “S” Mark, CE Mark and many others including the possession of its own Patent Right owing to the continuous technology development.

    SHINHAN Electronics has also extended its industrial bases in such prospective locations as China, Singapore and other countries of the future industrial main stream in order to prepare for the stabilized global production system. SHINHAN has established the local production factories to supply the products suitable for the local markets and the organized system to enhance the international competitive power in the age of the global network.

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    스마트 안전관리 시스템

    Smart Safety Management System

    크레인과부하 방지장치

    Auto Moment Indicator
    SH-7109 Series
    Load Weighing System
    SAFELO Over Load Limiter
    Load Weighing System for Overhead Crane
    SH-1000A, SH-1000B1
    Load Weighing System for Goliath Crane
    Load Limiter
    Load Limiter
    Load Limiter


    Tension Load Cell
    STL Series
    Compression Load Ceel
    SCL Series
    Tension Load Cell
    SSCK Series
    Compression Low Profile
    SSDP Series
    Compression Load Cell
    MSR Series
    Compression Load Cell
    MCL Series
    Tension Load Cell
    SPE Series
    Tension Load Cell
    TPC Series
    Compression Low Profile
    SFL Series
    Tension Compression Low Profile
    SEM Series
    Compression Miniature
    SFM Series
    Compression & Tension Low Profile
    SMC Series
    S-beam Load Cell
    PSC Series
    S-beam Load Cell
    PBL Series
    Shea Beam Load Cell
    SBK Series
    Shea Beam Load Cell
    SHK Series
    Compression Load Cell
    MST Series
    Compression Load Cell
    MCT Series
    Compression Load Cell
    TWP Series
    Tension Load Cell
    TPR Series
    Tension Load Cell
    TRSH Series
    Load Cell
    MSRW Series
    Compression Load Cell
    PCL Series