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    About Supplier

    SEWONCELLONTECH the leading producer of industrial hydraulic equipment, has played a central role in the establishment of Korea’s industrial  infrastructure for the past 40 years.

    SEWONCELLONTECH manufactures top-quality superprecision hydraulic machines using its hard-earned know-how acquired through technology transfer with YUKEN, a top Japanese hydraulic equipment maker. SEWONCELLONTECH is recognized for its unique sales network and timely product delivery. The company’s hydraulic machines are essential components of automated systems in vehicles, steel-making process, facilities and machine tools made of nonferrous metals, catapult, press, construction equipment, industrial vehicles, shipbuilding lines, and other industrial processes.


    Business Areas

    hydraulic pump

    variable–type high-
    pressure piston pump
    Vane pump
    Gear pump

    hydraulic valve

    Direction-control valve
    Modular Valve
    Proportioning control valve

    hydraulic cylinder

    Industrial actuator

    hydraulic unit

    Customized system
    air valve used in
    floodgate dams
    Air cylinders

    Control Valve assembly

    Mobile valve complex
    for construction
    Industrial Vehicles



    Business Prospects

    With our high market share in the industrial hydraulic equipment business, we continue to make inroads into new business areas such as construction equipment, industrial vehicles shipbuilding and marine engineering.

    We also manufacture products using our accumulated technology, know-how and continuous investment in research and development. Moreover, we constantly explore future-oriented business models and expand our customized system production through our own Heritus brand. To meet the increasing demand of our customers, we are currently reviewing our plan to introduce new technology in the area of construction equipment, as well as we have moved our production department to a new, better production facility.





    52, Gukjegeumyung-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea

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