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    About Supplier

    SEMIIS ensures the creation of new technologies and harmony with customers.

    SEMIIS provides professional and systematic engineering technologies based on its long experience and technologies that focus on dry etchers.

    SEMIIS has put the highest priority on basics and done its best to suggest new ways to customers in the semiconductor market where new technologies are required all the time.

    Customers's needs are our priority.

    To provide a high-quality service needed by customers, SEMIIS has been ensuring customer satisfaction by operating up-to-date clean rooms and specialized repair shops and establishing technology-based infrastructure including continuous R&D and the systematic quality-based infrastructure of management systems.

    In addition, SEMIIS supplies goods in the best condition needed by customers in the shortest period of time through securing and managing various devices and components, and provides the highest standard follow-up service.

    Customers are the future of SEMIIS.

    SEMIIS has been developing with its customers.

    SEMIIS promises to do its best to create customer values and to continue to deliver the best products and services to its customers in the future.

    125, Wonam-ro, Namsa-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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