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  • Sejung Engineering

    About Supplier

    The Sejung Engineering Co.,Ltd is the environmental friendship company and will grant a big profit to your businesses.
    Waste OIL Treatment System

    Oil is the very important parts in our industrial activities, however, is not acknowledged so sincerely and it is really important resources that we have to use it sparingly by us depending upon all quantity of import. The oil used at the industrial site in general is the actual situation to be difficult to reuse due to contaminated after using once. This is the reason why we do not recognize that the oil is a just life of the industrial site. There are many ways to reuse the oil that we are already used. And each method has the merits in its own way at sides of the filterability, convenience and cost.

    We, Sejung Engineering Co.,Ltd has developed the new oil filter for the new industry to be widely used at the various industrial sites. The new filter of the Sejung Engineer has kept all merits of the existed filter and also has the excellent performance as well as reliable design, excellent durability and long filter's life. The cheap maintenance costs are the only merits of the only washing oil cleaner and could be used filtering as you want the clear and clean oil at your necessary moment. 

    48-9, Gwangjang-ro 56beon-gil, Sasang-gu, Busan, Korea

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