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    About Supplier

    Global specialist leading the eco-friendly culture of food packing

    "Creator of Technical Inovation!"

    SEJIN TECH was founded in 1991 under the slogan of honesty and trust.Our main line of business is manufacturing Automatic Packaging Machines and Automatic Weighing Devices.

    To keep pace with current packing trend, we continuously make an effort to develop and improve our technology.

    As a leading company in the sphere of packing, we will present reliable products to our customers through our experience which is wide enough to embrace the world.

    Always we do our best to create new packing culture together with enhance the life value.

    We will play an important role of spread packing culture to all around the world.

    91, Gwangdeok 3-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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