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    The standard we aim for in a shaft coupling is high

    Many years of experience 
    For more than 50 years, we have been advising machine manufacturers as partners for compact coupling systems. Our experience in power transmission has given us extensive know-how in many industries, as we know and understand the most varied applications, and this allows us to optimally support you.
    Our products are always a safe choice. No matter if it is a standard product, a coupling tailored to a specific industry, or a coupling solution designed for a specific application.

    Products with high technical functionality
    Our product range includes torsionally stiff couplings which stand out due to their compactness and high functionality. Their unique technical features offer technical users a variety of practice-oriented advantages. Renowned OEMs from all areas of machinery manufacturing are among our partners.

    Continuous development work
    Your wishes are our motivation - With us, new impulses from the market stream into the ongoing further development of our products.

    Industry-specific versions
    Being familiar with the applications of a variety of industries, we can design tailored coupling versions. No matter if in the food, vacuum, packaging or printing industry, or in sensor or medical technology - we feel at home anywhere.

    Your drive optimisation
    Close cooperation with our customers in the design and implementation of a project results in coupling solutions precisely tailored to application-specific requirements. Comprehensive counselling, FEM analyses, prototype definition and production of Rapid Prototyping Models, as well as confirmation of the calculated design data on modern test benches - all this ensures the optimisation of your drive train.

    Wilhelm-Mast-Straße 15 - 38304 Wolfenbüttel

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