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  • Samjung Boiler

    About Supplier

    Samjung Boiler Ind. Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997 as an enterprise specialized in energy saving and we contain innovative technology in the field of design, production, installation and system engineering of thermal oil boiler.

    We have developed the world’s first high-efficiency thermal oil boiler built-in air preheater that is designed in compact and strong structure (Patent #0377971). We have established our status as a leader in the field of industrial boiler by supplying the electronics, chemicals, building materials, textiles and automobiles market.

    We diversified into new and renewable plant and packaged combustion furnace, boiler and environmental facility to utilize resources of the domestic and industrial waste.

    We have succeeded in developing a solid fuel boiler with exclusive technology, which is composed of system to generate energy by burning fuel of an indeterminate shape or pellet shape produced by combustible waste.

    This product is characterized by high efficiency and economics as below:
    -Saving energy cost up to 40~50% compared to LNG, LPG, B-Oil
    -Air pollutants below allowable exhaust standard
    -Initial investment cost saved by 25% compared to existing burning facilities
    -Easiness of maintenance
    -Extended lifespan of facilities, etc.

    We have developed all-in-one boiler with chain grate stoker, water cooling type stoker, air cooling type stoker and fluidized-bed combustion furnace (Patent #10-1640224). We will leap forward by supplying them to domestic and international industrial sites.

    We have built one-stop system, which is directly managed by our headquarters from product development to follow-up management. We do our best realizing not only improvement of service in quality but also customer satisfaction.

    41, Gongdan 1-daero 259beon-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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