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    On reviewing elevator history of vertical transportation, over hundred years it has became an indispensable and essential facility of modern human life. Such an important role of elevator is asking for the new generation of technologies, which are embodied as new wave of elevator control system in connection to better safety, more complicated functions and comfortable rides. 

    We, SAMIL ELTEC Co., Ltd., as the leading manufacturer of elevator control system, have recognized that conventional centralized control system has intrinsic deficiency, which acts as obstacles to easy commissioning and maintenance etc., and thus, we developed decentralized (dispersed) control systems adopting microprocessors and AC-VVVF vector inverters. Not only in domestic but also in overseas market, we have remarkable reputations from our clients due to easiness of use, reliability, and quality extending our sales and services to all over the world as years go by.

    We, SAMIL ELTEC Co., Ltd., will do our best and endless efforts to create advanced technologies for more safe and convenient control system based on human technology. And we would like to remain forever as friendly neighborhood, being with sound and solid company's culture, with contribution to human society.

    29, Sicheong-ro 940beon-gil, Paltan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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