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    We have consistently grown based on the spirit of sincerity and challenge as our foundation ideology even in difficult interior and exterior circumstances since the establishment of company in 2000.

    Meanwhile we have achieved improvements in welding and machining technique. And we have been a successful strategic partner with Doosan Infracore and should be for many years to come.

    The rapidly changing market environment is always demanding our proactive footwork. And we worked out strategies of business diversification for challenge motive and put them in practice.

    With different perspectives from Doosan machine parts business, we successfully challenged the new business of factory automation facility in 2007 and built up value experiences of customized products. 

    Our well developed and widely known technical knowhow attracted OEM product contract with one of the Japanese leading companies for construction machine attachments in 2010. Our workmen and all company organization have adapted to their world best quality enforcement and its outcomes have been carried out successfully. And our necessary and sufficient qualified service has expanded supply volume as well. Furthermore, our OEM experience opened a new prospect for our own brand attachment business. And currently it will be our core business category in the medium and longer term afterwards. In the meantime our management received high praise from external assessment institutes.

    Our award winnings were Certification of Quality Management System in 2006, Certification of Clean Factory in 2007, Certification of Venture Corporation in 2009, INNO-BIZ Corporation in 2011, VISION Corporation in 2012. 

    Those outcomes entirely depended on our devoted company staffs for superb management. As always the business circumstances, locally and abroad, are keenly competitive considerably. Even in that circumstances our company's well trained and experienced sincere attitude and challenge will briskly continue. 

    80, Songnim-ro 307beon-gil, Nam-gu, Incheon, Korea



    Auto Ripper (Vibration Ripper)
    Vibro Hammer (Pile Driver)
    Shears (Multi Processor)


    Concrete Pump Car Part
    음식물 처리기 자원화 시스템
    Roll Forming Machine
    페롤 가공기
    케어 다이퍼 머신
    주문형 호퍼 설비
    주문형 리프트
    우레탄 발포기기
    산업용 스크라바
    Wear plate & Wear Ring
    Food waste treatment & composting system
    Roll forming machine
    Ferrule Manufacturing Machine
    Impregnation Facility
    Customized Machine
    Dust collecting system
    Industrial Hopper
    Industrial Lift
    Intumescent Facility
    Hot-air Facility
    Customized Facility


    Industrial Washing Machine
    Jet Washer
    Pallet Washing System
    Ultrasonic Washer (Compact type)
    Auto Lifter Cleaner
    Spray Washer (for semi-conductor)
    Spray Washer
    Ultra Sonic Washer (Automatic Line)
    Ultra Sonic Washer (Multi Basket)
    Industrial Washer
    Washing Machine
    Washing Equipment
    Auto Ultrasonic Washer