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    The robotics technology, which has taken its position as a core industry among the 21st knowledge-based businesses, has risen to be directly matched with the industrial competitiveness of a country. In order to take the competitive advantages in the robotics industry, advanced countries has been supporting the industry nation-widely so as to accelerate its growth.

    The countries such as Japan and USA, which have led the robotics technology, are using robots not only in the 2nd industry segments, but also in the 3rd industry segments - applying robots in homes and replacing the tasks such as aerospace, deep-sea and underground with robots that humans can hardly implement. 

    Recognizing the importance of robotics technology, Korean government is recently considering the use of robots in various governmental businesses and it has led several companies including Robotech to develop its technology as competitive as those of advanced overseas companies. 

    Robotech Co., Ltd. is providing total solutions in FA industry as one of leading robotics technology in Korea, under the corporate philosophy of "Pro-Engineering." 

    Robotech is supplying about one-hundred types of various line systems and auxiliary devices such as Cartesian Robot System, Scara Robot System, Gantry Robot System, Multi-Axis Robot System, Robot Controllers, Motion Controllers, Servo Drivers, Grippers and Swivels to leading domestic companies. Also, we have secured competitive advantages in the overseas markets.

    Based on the accumulated technical know-how over the last 10 years, we have developed a new technology so-called as the "Building Block System" while standardizing all the products. This technology allows a designer or assembler to make a finished product fast and easy by building various parts and facility processes as blocks, like the block assembling game of children's. It can be applied in all the line processes such as assemblage, processing, welding, distribution and inspection. Since all our products go through a complete line of quality inspection and reliability tests, the reliability and quality may be assured. 

    In addition to robots, Robotech is executing various governmental assignments such as multi-axis fatigue test machines, high-precision plastic products, and small-or-medium sized CIM and IMS technologies.

    The advanced technical staffs of Robotech are exerting all the efforts to maximize customer satisfaction and to manufacture the products most suited to the needs of customers with our incessant R&D efforts in quality improvement.

    13, Sasang-ro 433beon-gil, Sasang-gu, Busan, Korea

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