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    Serving Industry Since 1962

    Unique, inexpensive QUIKLOC shaft collars slip on or off shafts instantly. They provide a simple, proven and cost-effective way to upgrade winding and payoff operations on wiredrawing machines and a host of other spooling and winding applications. An option already offered by many original-equipment manufacturers, and used in plants worldwide, QUIKLOC is an instant retrofit to prevent lateral movement in virtually any ongoing reel or spool-based operation.

    QUIKLOC collars eliminate time-consuming wrenches and set screw collars in the loading and unloading of spools and reels for wire, cable, tapes, braids, tubing, strip materials, etc. In addition to speeding machine set-up time, QUIKLOC collars cut maintenance and repair costs by eliminating chewing and scoring of shafts. There’s a QUIK-LOC standard size to install instantly on virtually any shaft from 3/8″ to 2″ in diameter, including metric. Special sizes also available.

    21 Arthur Salem Way, Lincoln, NH 03251 미국

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