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    QUALITEC is a leading company in the measurement business area, and it’s goal is to supply good quality of products to businesses in industrial facility business area as it thrives in continual innovation. We mainly produce checkweigher, metal detector, multi testing machine and multi indicator as we focus on the inspection business, and we are producing and developing various types of products. Qualitec will stand up as the biggest company in the inspection business area of the world as it departmentalizes the management of the product quality, customer service, and technology.

    The main causes of cusses of a business are abilities of constant improvement of technology and global marketing, so Qualitec will secure excellent employees for improvement and will grow its employees as good engineers to be able to become the leading company and will upgrade in the area of marketing to be able to get more than 50% of the domestic market, and it will also increase its sales through global marketing to build the strong base for future. Under our customers’ encouragements, Qualitec will open up the new future as a strong company.

    We, Qualitec, promise you than Qualitec will be a clean, ethical, creative, passionate, realistic and trustworthy company.

    397, Seokcheon-ro, Ojeong-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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