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    About Supplier

    Keeping people healthy is the most wonderful and fascinating mission. Our approach to this mission is very simple and clear. – ‘Do the right things for our customers’ We provide the right tools to create value in pharmaceutical products.

    We are creating the value of pharmaceutical equipments that are manufactured by ourselves in order to share our vision and satisfy global community.

    Stylish design, robust structures and the state-of-the-art performance of rotary tablet press models, auto capsule filling machines, coating machines and high speed mixers are our key products for the pharmaceutical markets and food industries.

    Not a single day goes by that we do not challenge ourselves to further our vision and the quality of our products.

    ‘Good to Great’
    Breaking the barrier of current satisfaction, we endeavor to go further. We are dedicating ourselves to reinforce R&D and quality controls as well as adhering to the highest product quality and the most satisfactory service, because we know. ‘Good is enemy of Great!’

    50, Hwanggeum-ro 89beon-gil, Yangchon-eup, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    Product List

    정제 압축 성형기

    Rotary Tablet Press
    Rotary Tablet Press
    PR-LM Series
    Rotary Tablet Press
    PR-1000 Series
    Rotary Tablet Press
    PR-1500 Series
    Rotary Tablet Press
    PR-1600 Series
    Rotary Tablet Press
    PR-2000 Series
    Rotary Tablet Press
    PR-2100 Series
    Rotary Tablet Press
    PR-3000 Series
    Rotary Tablet Press
    PR-3500 Series

    정제 코팅기

    Tablet Coater
    PC-L300 Series
    Tablet Coater
    PC-C Series
    Tablet Coater
    PC Series
    Tablet Coater
    PC Series (Chamber)

    고속 믹서기

    High Speed Mixer
    PM-C Series
    High Speed Mixer
    High Speed Mixer

    유동층 과립기

    Fluid Bed System
    PFB-30 ~ PFB-90
    Fluid Bed System
    PFB-120 ~ PFB-300

    캡슐 충진기

    Auto Capsule Filler
    PF-1000 Series
    Auto Capsule Filler
    PF-2000 Series
    Auto Capsule Filler
    PF-3000 Series


    Optional Items For Rotary Tablet Press
    Optional Items For Tablet Coater
    Optional Items For High Speed Mixer
    Optional Items For Auto Capsule Filler