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    Negatron Company Limited, one of the most specialized experts in manufacturing of pumps, water treatment facilities and automation equipments, has been endeavoring and contributing to the growth of entire industries based on the ceaseless research and development processes taking the advantage of numerous technology patents.

    The employees and management of Negatro Company Limited regard preserving health and achieving happiness for poeple as the highest value, based on the founding ideology of enterprise contributing to the happiness for human being through the anion technologies and electronic technologies useful for people's health.

    (1) FRP Pump Process  Technology and mass production capability secured with forming facility.
    (2) PE Processs Pump developed.
    (3) Capable to manufacture the variety of industrial pumps.
    (4) Highly concentrted oxygen water producing device using nano bubbles developed.
    (5) Water treatement facility (Water purificaiton facility) - [Waste water treatement facility]
    (6) Water pre-treatement device (Filtering machine) developed with relevant patent registered.
    (7) Underwater Micro Bubble Anion Oxygen Generation Device developed.
    (8) Circulation Filtration System developed.
    (9) Micro, Nano Bubble Generation Device enhancing water treatment capability developed.
    (10) Vision and Laser Inspection System developed.
    (11) Environment Friendly Hybrid Cleaning System developed.

    As well, the Negatro Company Limited offers the dependable total solution services to customers covering entire phases from design, engineering, manufacturing and all the way up to the systematic quality control with post order warranty and maintecnace services. The employees and management of Negatron is committed to always remain faithful to your esteemed customers with integrity, and wished all customers and their families of joy, happiness and prosperity.

    29, Jangansandan 2-ro, Jangan-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan, Korea

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