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    Total Soluation Provider of Heat Exchanger & Pressure Vessel One stop total solution from Basic & Detail Design to Production & Delivery as client`s needs

    MARINE/OFFSHORE INDUSTRY/PLANT NUCLEAR POWER PLANT Total Solution Provider of Heat EXChangers As The Heat Transfer Equipment specialty Manufacturer in Marine, Plant, Engine Building, Oil & Gas Plants, Air Conditioning Facility fields, Mytec has gained the Customer S Trusts from Quality improvements, Developments and On-time Delivery. Mytec Aways do our utmost to provide the Customers with the most effective economical products.

    33, Mieumsandan 4-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea

    Product List


    Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
    Pressure Vessel
    Air Cooling Radiator
    Fresh Water Generator
    Plate type heat Exchanger