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    Mirae ST


    Mirae ST Co., Ltd., since founded as Humantech Co., Ltd. in 1990, has been pioneering the localization of pure and ultra-pure water production equipment for laboratories. Based on its know-how accumulated for about 20 years, and on exertion of full efforts in technological development, our products have been recognized by such certifications as ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, and CB, as well as EM, and NEP as the first unique Korean products.

    Based on high quality and thorough follow-up management, we are currently providing our products to various domestic research laboratories, and to about 20 foreign countries, while competing with global brands in a stately manner.
    We will continue to respond to the support of our customers by improving the quality of our products and by providing high-quality products that can contribute to the development of domestic and foreign research experiments.

    268, Hagui-ro, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea


    초순수 제조 장치

    Puris, Evo-UP Water System
    Evo-UP Dio Series
    Puris, Expe-UP Water System
    Expe-UP Ele Series
    Puris, Eco-UP Water System
    Eco-UP Ele Series

    순수 제조 장치

    Puris, Evo-RO & ROP Water System
    Evo-RO Dico Series
    Puris, Expe-RO Water System
    Expe-RO Ele Series
    Puris, Eco-RO Water System
    Eco-RO Series

    순수 및 초순수 제조장치

    Puris, Evo-CB Water System
    Evo-CB Series
    Puris, Expe-CB Water System
    Expe-CB Series

    EDI 제조장치

    Puris, Expe-RO EDI Water System
    Expe-RO Series

    생산용 제조장치

    Puris, Pilot RO Water System
    Pilot-RO Series


    Dissolution Tester
    Disintegration Tester
    Hardness Tester
    Granule and Power Tester
    Friability Tester
    All-Purpose Equipment
    Single Tablet Press (EP-1)
    Tablet Press (Rotary)

    Chamunda Pharma Machinery

    R&D Lab Tablet Press
    Rotary Tabletting Machine