• Mijin Industrial Machinery

    Mijin Industrial Machinery


    As a professional company for the industrial machinery facilities of automatic and manual shot blasting facilities, paint coating facilities, equipments for prevention of environmental pollution, portable painting equipment for shipbuilding, automation equipments etc., Mijin Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in the name of Mijin Mechanical Industry Company in 1988. On the basis of accumulated know-how and technological prowess during that time, Mijin has made the sustainable development and leaps and in July, 2000, was incorporated in the name of Mijin Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.

    On the basis of accumulated technologies from long experience, Mijin Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. has built the system that can provide the best products and services throughout the domestic and foreign industrial machinery facilities from design to manufacturing, installation and engineering service. And also, by carrying out thoroughly after-sales service as well as the production of goods and sales, Mijin's all staff members are doing our best efforts to grow up as a best leading company in the field of industrial machinery facility by aiming the customer satisfaction as the top priority target, In the future, all staff members of Mijin Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. will do our best efforts to be a company that can give customer impression beyond customer satisfaction with creativity and challenge spirit.

    707-66, Inje-ro, Saengnim-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea


    수동 쇼트 및 도장 설비

    Phosphate Coating Facility
    Painting Shop Equipment
    Ventilation System
    Air Blast Equipment (Waffle Cone & Reclaimer Recovery)
    Air Blast Equipment (Skid Loader & Recovery)
    Painting Line
    Air Blast Unit
    Moving Paint Shelter

    자동 쇼트 설비

    Steel Plate Pretreatment Equipment
    Pipe Descaling Machine
    H-Beam & Pipe Shot Blast Machine
    Trolley Shot Blast Machine
    Hanger Shot Blast Machine
    Auto Marking System

    환경 설비

    R.T.O (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer)
    Activated Carbon Tower
    Dust Collector (Bag Filter)

    이동형 도장장비

    Multi Cyclone Dust Collector
    P.B.M.(Package Blast Machine)

    운반 설비

    Trolley & Hanger
    Chain Conveyor
    Roller Conveyor
    Belt Conveyor
    Bucket Elevator
    Screw Conveyor

    Spare Parts

    Shot Gate
    Pinch Valve
    Filler Valve
    Metering Valve
    Rotary Valve
    Impeller Ass'y
    Impeller Ass'y
    Centering Disk
    Top Liner
    Felt Cover
    Control Cage Adapter
    Adapter Liner
    Feed Cone
    Control Cage
    Rear Liner
    Front Liner
    Side Liner
    Center Bolt (Nut)