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    Intensive Care Unit Equipment Manufacturer

    MEK-ICS Co., Ltd. is making continuous efforts to improve the quality of our clients' lives and fulfill the idea of respecting human life through technology.

    Since its establishment, MEK-ICS has persistently created social value throughout lifesaving technology and service that improves the quality of life. The company name MEK-ICS, stands for Medical Equipment of Korea Intensive Care System. It is the only company in Korea that focuses on medical appliances for critical patients. By specializing and advancing relevant technology, it is establishing its identity and aims to grow its market worldwide.

    Despite its short history, we are confident that our hard work and accomplishment will have a significant impact in the medical appliance market for critical patients. Starting with leading the technology for patient monitors in Korea, MEK-ICS Co., Ltd. has developed an artificial respiration device and positive airway pressure devices for at-home use for the first time in Korea. Also, MEK-ICS Co., Ltd. has grown to be the only company in the Pan-Asia area that has the ability to produce artificial respirators and nebulizers throughout a world-class production of combined nebulizers and development of software-type high frequency artificial respiration technology.

    MEK-ICS Co., Ltd. is a young company that still has a long way to go. It will not be satisfied with the existing descriptions such as "the first in Korea", "pioneer in the medical appliance market for critical patients", and "the only company in Asia". It will continue its continuous technology development and challenge the worldwide market. We promise to make our utmost efforts to fulfill the company's growth and the happiness of clients, stockholders and officials.

    21, Sangjiseok-gil, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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