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  • Macro Image Technology

    About Supplier

    Macro Image Technology was established in 1998, since then we have specialized in developing video processor ASIC. 

    We have secured a variety of technology area such as noise reduction, scaling, de-interlacing, video graphics processor technologies and developed a competitive workforce, unified organization, a steady and substantial growth and development.

     The core video processor ASIC can diversify applications to enable a variety of functions and the clearer pictures as high-end products, not just simply showing video images. Applications include UHD display , broadcast equipment, medical equipment, car black box, the actual presenter, DVR, NVR, CCTV cameras and a variety of imaging equipment products are being used extensively. 

     In addition, over 150 companies from abroad including China, Taiwan, Japan, UK, Canada and Australia are using our chips in various industrial products.

     Through our passion and efforts for video signal processing technology, we can promise you that we keep developing new chips that have the best technology in the world and can be used for more applications.

     We will continue to make our company beloved by people and the workplace where people want to work. 

    135, Jungdae-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea

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