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    Custom-made solutions for individual requirements

    For over 50 years KSR KUEBLER Niveau-Messtechnik has been renown as competent specialist for all level measurement needs. Reliability of its products and the willingness to meet all market challenges helped to build up the reputation as one of the leading manufacturers world-wide. Proven products and innovative solutions help us to offer optimal solutions to our customers and strengthen our market position.

    KSR KUEBLER AG today manufactures a broad range of level measurement devices covering temperatures up to 450 °C and pressures up to 500 bar. Tailor-made solutions for chemical and pharmaceutical plants, offshore and oil industry, shipbuilding, plant construction, food and beverages industry, water purification plants and an ever growing number of applications in the environmental industry make up a big share of our new developments.

    Our highly qualified members of staff are constantly engaged in customising new solutions to solve individual problems. The latest in production technology, an uncompromising commitment to quality and national and international approvals are the foundations that build up the reputation of our company.

    Since 2008 KSR is a member of the WIKA group of companies with over 7,900 employees world-wide. More than 500 experienced personnel in our local sales organisations help customers and users by working together as partners.

    Niveau-Messtechnik AG Heinrich-Kuebler-Platz 1 69439 Zwingenberg am Neckar

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