“We will evolve into a global logistics company based on our creative spirit of pioneering and invincible tenacity”

    Established in 1992, our company, the creator of new culture, has been at the forefront of the effort to develop the key industries of the country, such as automotive industry, heavy industry, shipbuilding, chemical plants, maritime plant, steel, power generation, construction, etc, as the leader of domestic transportation and unloading machinery, based on our new technology, high quality, and customer-oriented business principles.

    We have expanded our core capabilities for future growth by successfully localizing products, such as air hoist, air balance, air motor, air touch one, etc, based on our development of new product and future-oriented corporate value for creating pleasant and safe work environment, and speeded up our export to the United States, Europe, Asia, Mid East, as the global leader opening the door to the future.

    Also, we have been making contributions to the development of society by creating economic values to boost the value of company and increasing the culture and welfare of local society based on our world`s best technology and pursuit to achieve the top status in the shipbuilding and blast resistant plants, etc, which has been proven by our certification such as ISO9001, 14000, European Safety Standard CE, NEP, S mark, etc, certification of excellent quality, and other prominent overseas standards and certifications.

    We are supplying high quality products to large domestic companies, including Hyundai Motors, Kia Motors, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, Daerim Industry, Daewoo Construction, Samsung Corporation, SK Construction, GS Construction, Samsung Engineering GM Daewoo, Hyundai Construction, Korea Gas Corporation, POSCO, S-OIL, as the most prominent leader in the logistics industry, spearheading the effort for customer satisfaction and eco-friendly technology through our world-best technology and product quality.

    Korea Hoist will not remain complacent with its achievements so far in the nation`s key industries and state-of-art logistics industry. Rather, it will expand its core capabilities further, move forwarded with related projects, in its endeavor to evolve into a reliable venture company with competitive advantage in cost-saving and quality based on new and innovative values.

    “We will return our favor to you through our future-oriented business.”

    42, Emtibeui 4-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea



    Air Hoist
    KA1 Series, KA1S-025, KA1M-025, KA1S-050, KA1M-050, KA1S-100, KA1S-100
    Air Hoist
    KA2 Series, KA2S-100, KA2M-100, KA2S-200, KA2M-200
    Air Hoist
    KA3 Series, KA3S-300, KA3M-300, KA3S-600, KA3M-600
    Air Hoist
    KA5 Series, KA5S-P05, KA5M-P05, KA5S-P10, KA5M-P10, KA5S-P15, KA5M-P15, KA5S-P20, KA5M-P20


    Air Balancer
    KAB Series, KAB-070-200, KAB-100-300, KAB-160-200, KAB-230-200, KAC-070-200, KAC-100-300, KAC-160-200, KAC-230-200
    Air Balancer
    KAB-R200-150, KAB-T200-300, KAB-R320-100, KAB-T320-200, KAB-R450-200, KAB-T450-200, KAB-TR400-150, KAB-TR640-100, KAB-TR900-100
    Air Balancer
    KAB-070 ZG, KAB-070 ZW, KAB-100 ZG, KAB-100 ZW, KAB-160 ZG, KAB-160 ZW

    경량 레일 시스템

    Steel Track


    Workman (KBH Type)
    Workman (KBJ Type)
    KBJ-070, KBJ-100, KBJ-160, KBJ-250, KBJ-490
    Workman (KBM Type)
    KBM-070, KBM-100, KBM-160


    Mono Rail Type wire Rope Hoist
    Double Rail Type Wire Rope Hoist
    Low-Head Room Type Wire Rope Hoist
    Main & Aux. Type Wire Rope Hoist
    Explosion Proof Wire Rope Hoist
    KM Hoist
    KM1604, KM1608, KM1612, KM2004, KM2008, KM2012, KM5008, KM5012, KM5016
    Electric Wire Hoist
    Explosion Proof Hoist
    Chain Hoist
    LTH-05.S, LTU-1S, LTU-2W, LTH-1S, LTH-2W, LDS-1S, LDS-2W, LDS-2.8W, LTD-1S, LTD-2W, LTHM-053S, LTUM-1S, LTUM-2W, LTHM-1S, LTHM-2W, LDSM-1S, LDSM-2W, LDSM-2.8W, LTDM-1S, LTDM-2W
    Baby Hoist
    KEH1S-B180, KEH1S-B350

    방폭형 메뉴얼 호이스트(체인블럭)

    Explosion Manual Chain Hoist
    KCB-005RX, KCB-010RX, KCB-015RX, KCB-020RX, KCB-030RX, KCB-050RX, KCB-100RX, KCB-200RX, KCB-300RX, KCB-400RX, KCB-500RX
    Explosion Manual Chain Hoist
    KCB-010LXS, KCB-020LXS, KCB-030LXS, KCB-050LXS, KCB-060LXS, KCB-080LXS, KCB-100LXS, KCB-120LXS, KCB-150LXS, KCB-200LXS, KCB-250LXS

    호이스트 크레인

    Monorail Hoist
    Over Head Crane
    Suspension Crane
    Gantry Crane
    Jib Crane / Wall Crane
    Air Hoist Crane
    Crab Crane


    Pump Lifter

    에어윈치 / 에어드릴

    Air winch
    KAW-V025-07, KAW-V050-07, KAW-V100-25, KAW-P200-20, KAW-P300-20, KAW-P500-20
    Air Drill


    Air Motor (Vane Type)
    KAM-V05, KAM-V14, KAM-V21
    Air Motor (Piston Type)
    KAM-P017, KAM-P035, KAM-P108, KAM-P170
    Air Motor (Gear Type (Clean Room))
    Aluminium Track