• Korea Gas Spring

    Korea Gas Spring


    Korea Gas Spring that pursue the value of customers with youth and challenge will become the leader in the field of gas cylinder.

    Korea Gas Spring is supplying various types of high-quality gas springs used as middle material of various consumption materials and industrial products, as well as office-chairs, furniture and cars, to the relevant market all over the world.

    Korea Gas Spring is practicing responsible management, bearing in mind customer satisfaction at all times, and pursuing the best quality and reformative technology development endlessly through harmonious management of accumulated skills and manpower.

    We have acquired ISO9000 quality management system as well as various overseas certification including ANSI/BIFMA, DIN and BS, and all of our staffs will exert our best efforts for customer satisfaction not only in quality, but in all aspects including services.

    The production plant of Korea Gas Spring is located in Qingdao, and we have the latest equipments and layout in the plant. The main office is located in Korea, and includes R&D, overseas sales and management.

    212, Bangchuk-ro, Nam-gu, Incheon, Korea


    클린 실린더

    Clean Cylinder
    Non-rotational Clean Cylinder
    Auto-lift Clean Cylinder
    Cable Clean Cylinder
    Swivel Clean Cylinder
    Soft landing Clean Cylinder

    레귤러 실린더

    Cylinder with column
    Cylinder without column

    특수용 실린더

    Two-stage Cylinder
    Alpha Cylinder
    High-cone Cylinder
    Return Spindle
    Auto return auto lift Cylinder
    Auto return height adjustable Cylinder
    Heavy duty Cylinder
    Non-rotational Cylinder
    Cable Cylinder
    Soft cushion Cylinder
    Gas cushion Cylinder
    Soft-landing Cylinder
    Soft-descent Cylinder
    Fixed Cylinder
    Gas spring