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    A respect for our history
    KH Feelux Lighting is built on a foundation of pure commitment to the fine, time-tested concepts of Korean manufacturing. Taking its cues from companies such as Hyundai and Samsung, KH Feelux researches, designs, engineers and manufactures products in an environment that's focused on each and every detail. During the past two decades, we've made our goal clear: to introduce fixtures and technologies that lead the lighting industry. Our vision is to inspire the minds of the worldwide lighting community as we take the process of illumination to the next, unanticipated level.

    KH Feelux Stands Apart From the Rest
    We consider even the smallest design element significant. Renowned for worldwide patents, KH Feelux products are some of the most advanced, viable and energy-efficient electronic ballast and lighting systems on the market. The standards at our globally-located, state-of-the-art facilities ensure that anything we research, design, engineer or manufacture reaches new heights in the international lighting design community.

    We're More Than a Lighting Fixture Company
    It is uncommon today to find a company that actually makes what it sells... a company that stands behind every detail. At KH Feelux, we manufacture all of our components to function uniformly and seamlessly. This expertise is our guarantee that whichever fixture you specify, our lighting products will work perfectly in conjunction and have consistent lighting effects. KH Feelux has been listening. We've taken input from specifiers everywhere, and our research, design, engineering and manufacturing standards have brought distinctive, industry-altering fixtures and systems to discerning architects and designers worldwide.

    235-48, Gwangjeok-ro, Gwangjeok-myeon, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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