KEUMSUNG HIGHTECH, Poviding the most advanced technology in compressed super airdrying equipment and also in gas manufacturing industry including nitrogen generator, is reliable partner in 21th century`s high-tech industry and this i s young and reliable company striving for your competitive power

    2398-28, Gimpo-daero, Tongjin-eup, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea



    Nitrogen Generator PSA (KPN Series)
    KPN-20, KPN-30, KPN-50, KPN-70, KPN-100, KPN-150, KPN-200, KPN-250, KPN-300, KPN-400, KPN-500, KPN-600, KPN-700, KPN-800, KPN-900, KPN-100, KPN-1500, KPN-2000
    Nitrogen Generator PSA (KPEN Series)
    KPN-100, KPN-200, KPN-300, KPN-500, KPN-700, KPN-1000
    Nitrogen Generator Membrane (KM Series)
    KM-20, KM-40, KM-90, KM-180, KM-210, KM-450, KM-1000, KM-3200, KM-6000

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    Refrigerated Air Dryer (KRD Series)
    KRD-12, KRD-18, KRD-30, KRD-40, KRD-60, NRD-90N, NRD-150N, NRD-230N, NRD-300N, NRD-400N, NRD-500N, NRD-600N, NRD-750N, KRD-1000DX, KRD-1200DX, KRD-1500NX, KRD-1800NX, KRD-2000NX, KRD-2500NX, KRD-3000NX
    Refrigerated Air Dryer (PWD Series)
    PWD 32AD, PWD 40AD, PWD 50AD, PWD 62AD, PWD 75AD, PWD 100AD, PWD 125AD, PWD 150AD, PWD 200AD, PWD 250AD
    Refrigerated Air Dryer (NXC Series)
    KRD-90NXC, KRD-150NXC, KRD-230NXC, KRD-300NXC, KRD-400NXC, KRD-500NXC, KRD-600NXC, KRD-750NXC, KRD-1000NXC, KRD-1200NXC, KRD-1500NXC, KRD-1800NXC, KRD-2000NXC, KRD-2500
    Refrigerated Air Dryer (NRD Series)
    NDR-12, NDR-18, NDR-30, NDR-40, NDR-60, NDR-90, NDR-150, NDR-230, NDR-300, NDR-400, NDR-500, NDR-600, NDR-750
    Desiccant Air Dryer
    GSMD-10N, GSMD-12N, GSMD-15N, GSMD-30N, GSMD-40N, GSMD-50N
    Desiccant Air Dryer (KHP Series)
    KHP-60N, KHP-90N, KHP-120N, KHP-150N, KHP-180N, KHP-200N, KHP-250N, KHP-300N, KHP-350N, KHP-400N, KHP-500N, KHP-600N, KHP-750N, KHP-900N, KHP-1100N, KHP-1300N, KHP-1600N, KHP-1800N, KHP-2100N, KHP-2600N, KHP-3100N, KHP-3500N, KHP-4000N, KHP-4500N, KHP-5300N, KHP-6000N, KHP-7000N, KHP-8800N
    Desiccant Air Dryer (KHI Series)
    KHI-180, KHI-260, KHI-360, KHI-500, KHI-1100, KHI-1500, KHI-1800, KHI-2250, KHI-2400, KHI-3600, KHI-4500, KHI-6600
    Desiccant Air Dryer (KHB Series)
    KHB-300, KHB-400, KHB-600, KHB-700, KHB-1000, KHB-1300, KHB-1560, KHB-1900, KHB-2250, KHB-3100, KHB-3600, KHB-4500, KHB-6000, KHB-8000, KHB-9000, KHB-10000, KHB-120000, KHB-15000
    Desiccant Air Dryer (PPR Series)
    Desiccant Air Dryer (OMD Series)
    OMD-10, OMD-12, OMD-15, OMD-30, OMD-50, OMD-75, OMD-125, OMD-200, OMD-285, OMD-345, OMD-460, OMD-585, OMD-730, OMD-895, OMD-1065, OMD-1285, OMD-1695, OMD-2120
    Desiccant Air Dryer (KHCN Series)
    KHCN-2000, KHCN-3000, KHCN-3500, KHCN-4000, KHCN-4500, KHCN-5000, KHCN-5500, KHCN-6000, KHCN-6500, KHCN-7000, KHCN-7500, KHCN-8000, KHCN-8500, KHCN-9000, KHCN-9500, KHCN-10000, KHCN-1000, KHCN-12000, KHCN-13000, KHCN-14000, KHCN-15000
    Desiccant Air Dryer (KHNP Series)
    KHNP-350, KHNP-450, KHNP-750, KHNP-1000, KHNP-1695, KHNP-2320, KHNP-3000, KHNP-4800, KHNP-6000, KHNP-7500, KHNP-9000, KHNP-10000, KHNP-12000, KHNP-15000
    Desiccant Air Dryer (KSD Series)
    KSD-15N, KSD-25N, KSD-35N, KSD-50N, KSD-75N, KSD-100N, KSD-125N, KSD-150N, KSD-200N, KSD-285N, KSD-345N, KSD-460N, KSD-585N, KSD-730N, KSD-895N, KSD-1065N, KSD-1285N, KSD-1800N, KSD-2120N, KSD-2500N, KSD-3000N, KSD-3500N, KSD-4000N
    After Coolers (GSAC Series)
    GSAC-20, GSAC-30, GSAC-50, GSAC-75, GSAC-100, GSAC-200, GSAC-300, GSAC-400, GSAC-500, GSAC-600
    After Coolers (GWC Series)
    GWC-202, GWC-402, GWC-404, GWC-606, GWC-806, GWC-810, GWC-1006, GWC-1008, GWC-1210, GWC-1212, GWC-1610, GWC-1812, GWC-1818
    Auto Drain Trap (GSAD Series)
    MF304, GSAD-304S, GSAD-304N
    Auto Drain Trap (GSED Series)
    GSED-304N, GSED-305N, GSED-306N
    Compressed Air Filter
    KHF-37, KHF-32, KHF-31, KHF-13, KHF-15
    Compressed Air Filter (PSF/CSF/ASF Series)
    PSF Series, CSF Series, ASF Series
    Membrane Air Filter (MSF Series)
    MSF Series
    Recdiver Tank
    KT-0050, KT-0060, KT-0080, KT-0100, KT-0150, KT-0200, KT-0250, KT-0300, KT-0400, KT-0500, KT-0600, KT-0700, KT-0800, KT-0900, KT-1000, KT-1200, KT-1500, KT-2000, KT-3000
    Automatic Drain Valves
    4488-A, 4488-E, 4488-P
    Intermediate Control
    2:1 Pressure Booster
    CPA 44-01, CPA 55-04, CPA 64-04, CPA 94-10
    Sequence Masters
    Source Mates

    압축공기 관리장치

    Pressure Boosters
    CPA 44-01, CPA 55-04, CPA 64-04, CPA 94-10
    Air Regulators
    CA Series, CR Series, CF Series