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  • KEC

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    Over 5 decades and to become a 100-year corporation
    50 years of localizing semiconductors, a professional in power semiconductors, KEC

    KEC is a professional in semiconductors was established as Korea Electronic Holdings in 1969, walking side by side with the history of the Korean electronic industry.
    KEC is centered on non-memory power semiconductors, affiliated long-term with major domestic automobile and appliance manufacturers, and is becoming a global enterprise by increasing export portions to China, Japan, and the USA.

    Currently, KEC supplies its products through 12 local branches and overseas distribution networks, and is still expanding its global networks through partnerships with major global distributors.

    KEC pursues technological innovations and acquisition of core technologies through incessant R&D, leading the localization of semiconductors in Korea.
    As the only midsize enterprise in Korea to own in-house production facilities, KEC also possesses technological and manufacturing competitiveness and is striving to make technological advances and improve product quality.

    5, Mabang-ro 10-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul

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