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    Since founded in 1987, KCTech has grown based on technical development and customer satisfaction. Today, the Company has grown enough to be proud of leading semiconductor and display systme industries in Korea based on advanced technologies. Bases that have brought KCTech as of today are neither that we have had plenty of funds nor that we started with oustanding technologies better that those of advanced countries. Those are resulted only from employees' extraordinary dedication and faith, "We will bet on the best technologies through localization of high value added system's under the condition that we started as not fully holding even the readiness to introduce technologies, as well as supports of customers, partners and shareholders.

    However, the reality won't let us being happy and staying as the top leader in Korea only. It is because while Korean semiconductor and display industries lead the world, the system industry, which would be the rear industry of those front industries, is not yet globally competitive compared to the front industries.

    No Korean company is on the global top 10 lists of semiconductor and display sytem suppliers. In fact, only few are barely on the global top 30lists. It would be considered that Korean simeconductor and display industries really lead the world only if such uneven industrial structure is deformed and the system industry in Korea grows. In fact, to do so, the government, large enterprises and system vendors cooperate to build the infrastructure for growth of the semiconductor and display industries in Korea. We believe such condition will provide the great opportunity for KCTech to strengthen the golobal competentce by taking off a step further.

    KCTech is not a weak company any more that used to be when we just launched 30 years ago. We now hold the technology capacity enough to lead the industry as leading technical advancement of the relevant industry based on seamless R&D and customer satisfaction, and secured the ground to grow into one of global top semiconductor and display system suppliers.

    Further, with management faithful to the basics and reviewing once more, the Company is committed to join the global leader club of simeconductor and display system suppliers.
    Moreover, we will do our best to grow the Company that will return maximum benefits to shareholders as well as will serve and contribute to the society.

    39, Je2gongdan 2-gil, Miyang-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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