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    Based on its know-how in machinery element components manufacturing concentrating on bolts and nuts for last 30 years, the Company was established in 1998 as a venture company and has developed into a heavy industry component manufacturere with our Ulsan Factory. 

    In order to meet various demands from our customers, we are providing a various range of machinery components with multi-type small-lot system to cover bolts and nuts for ship engines and generator for facilities, various fitting products, neck-rings and shafts for still meal facilities. 

    Also, with ISO9002 (EQA of U.K.) in 2000 and a certificate in nuclear quality ststem (KEPIC-MN) in July next year and appointment as a qualified company for Gori Nuclear Plant Plant, the Company entered into the electricity generation field. 

    Thanks to our stable quality system, the Company is actively penetrating into overseas markets, resulting in continuous sales growth backed by quality improvement. Also, in order to secure compotitive edge in the industry through technology innovation from our R&D Center in consideration of global trends of technology transit.

    25, Amni 3-gil, Samdong-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Korea

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