Since the company establishment of 1982 in Yangsan Gyeongnam, we have been producing automatic welding equipment and factory automation facilities. Developing high level of technology we take full responsibility in design, production, installation and test run of the equipment. In highly competitive market condition, most of the companies face many problems in quality enhancement of product and deamnd of high work forces that could lower the production effieicncy. Hence factory automation is absolutely necessary. 

    Our automatic welding technology replaces the manual welding work, guarantees customer's production efficiency with lower cost. With sophisticated and highend technology will benefit your production with great confidence.

    Under the motto of the compay "We are family", entire of our staffs will work together to meet your requirements and satisifaction in other to build up strong relationship. 

    10, Yusangongdan 11-gil, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea


    Welding Equipment

    Turing Roll
    STR Series
    Anti Drifting Turing Roll
    ATR Series
    MA Series
    Head and Tail Stock
    HTS Series
    Turn Table
    TA Series
    Drop Center Positioner
    DCP Series
    Lifting Positioner
    LP Series
    Welding Positioner
    WP Series
    Clamping Turning Roll
    CRT 03/05/10
    In Side Welding Machine
    In Side Welding Machine
    Ball Tank Cutting Manipulator
    CRM Series
    Welding Safe Arm
    WA Series
    Other Facilities
    Factory Auto Welding Line

    Multi Stage Cold Former

    Parts Former
    Bolt Former
    JBF Series
    Bolt Former
    JNF Series

    Sewage Treatment

    AOP System

    Coal Sampling System

    As Received Sampling System
    As Fired Sampling System