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    Simplicity is the basis of our thinking and actions: In line with our philosophy "It's so easy", this applies to our perfectly compatible cameras as well as to our ingeniously thought-out software. Simplicity means efficiency.

    We have been developing and producing products for industrial image processing since 1997. With technological foresight and a keen sense for future developments, we recognize the signs of the times. We consistently adapt key future technologies from the consumer world to make them suitable for industrial use: IDS made the USB interface industry-compatible for the camera sector. Our latest innovation is the visionary product platform IDS NXT with artificial intelligence - a new generation of vision systems for industrial applications.

    A total of three different product lines enable a limitless application spectrum in equipment, plant, and mechanical engineering as well as in non-industrial areas such as medical technology, agriculture or logistics.

    +49-7134 96196-0
    Dimbacher Str. 6-8 74182 Obersulm Germany

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