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  • HwaShin E&B

    About Supplier

    HWASHIN E & B is the sole manufacturer produces energy saving induction lamp in South Korea.

    All of Hwashin E & B executives and staff members are the experts who have been specialized in lighting industry.

    MAXIMALIGHT, energy-saving and long-life lamp, has been developed within accumulated technologies and efforts by Hwashin E & B.

    MAXIMALIGHT has been approved through quality, technology and credit by not only domestic market bur also overseas market.

    MAXIMALIGHT has been applied at numerous corporations, for it proves its benefits such as the improvement of illuminance environment, good saving of maintenance and 60~70% saving energy.

    Hwashin E & B, MAXIMALIGHT, would like to contribute to raising of your business competitiveness by improving of your high cost – low efficiency lighting system.

    Hwashin E & B believes that we can meet your needs for saving energy.

    Our mission statement is Saving Energy, Good Saving of Maintenance Cost and Improvement of Illuminance Environment for industrial area.

    Hwashin E & B shall promise to meet customer`s needs through high quality and reliance.

    72, Gaetbeol-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea

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