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    Creating the future of the packaging industry,

    HS PACK is fully committed to continuous R&D quality improvement. It aims at impressing every customer, striving for the development of enterprises and the world.

    HS PACK will always be your partner, and all the employees, based on the top-notch technology, will sincerely serve its customers for their success.

    Its sound management and thorough after-sales will provide customers with trust and confidence, thus enabling them to concentrate on their manufacturing. HS PACK is prepared for that goal 24/7, targeting in the maximum goal, that is, an inferiority rate of 0%.

    HS PACK will nimbly deal with the ever-changing and diversifying consumption trend in Korea and adroad as a prepared and industrious firm doing its best. It promises every customer that it will provide full-hearted services as it has until now.

    23, Sinheung-ro 390beon-gil, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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